Ludum Dare 28

Ludum Dare 28

// One Game A Month December and Ludum Dare 28

// Game veröffentlicht am Letzte Seitenaktualisierung ist 6 Jahre her

My game for Ludum Dare 28 and also the last game for One Game A Month December is finished. I made a HTML5 game using Impact. It took me some time to come up with an idea and then scaling it down to fit my time. I got most of the planned features in, but I did not make any music...

You Only Get One Worker

The King sends you to rebuild the old castle in the valley. You also need to deliver ressources to help strengthen the kings regime. Times are hard, so you only get one worker. Stay in the kings favour or you will get replaced...


  • Left mouse button: Buttons and place buildings
  • Right mouse button: Move worker to building or ressource

Play it here

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Screenshot von Ludum Dare 28