I make games

Hi, my name is Daniel Baumartz. I’m an indie game developer from Frankfurt, Germany.

You can play my games here. Sadly a lot of games I have made are lost or are not ready to show. Why don’t you check out my blog for more games, devlogs and other stuff I am doing?

I started programming around 2002 with JavaScript and spent some time making websites with HTML. But I always wanted to make games so I started trying. I read some books and finally found the book 3D-Spieleprogrammierung mit DirectX 9 und C++ by David Scherfgen. But soon I realized that I needed to learn a lot more about C++. While learning C++ I developed my first game Der Blaue Drache in 2005. Immediately I started planning and programming DBD (Der Blaue Drache) 2, in where one city was named Dohaiis. But the game was way too big for my skills. I picked up the game development book again and created my second game, dbDRAKE, using the TriBase engine from the book. After this I started playing with a lot of game engines like OGRE, Irrlicht and SDL, and tireless making a lot of games. None of them lived long…

The Mage Dungeon Banner

It was in 2006 when I decided to make a game for my Abitur. I had one year to make the game so I chose the TriBase engine, which I already knew, again and finished Empty 2 in summer 2007. During the following years I dealt with as many game engines, programming languages and tools as possible, starting a lot of never-to-be-seen-again projects, like Empty 3. Meanwhile I was also always working on the game Dohaiis, the now renamed and completely changed DBD 2. Check out a few old screenshots from 2009 of the game here. Most of them were made with Gamestudio A7. But I was never really happy with Dohaiis and restarted the project frequently in the years to come.

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I played around with Unity, OpenGL and DirectX and, of course, other engines and languages. In 2011 I decided to make a game for the Ludum Dare contest and started using Flash for game development. This directly led to HTML5 and JavaScript and I started remaking and enhancing my contest game. I am still working on it, planning to release The Wizard Who Stumbled someday.

In 2013 I made One Game A Month!

Have fun!